Agent destiny

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Inspired by classic comic books, the online Agent Destiny slots game is a fun, futuristic slot machine with themed reels, iconic images and free spin bonus offers. Providing winnings of up to 5k, this exciting new release stands out from the pack with its original retro theme and cleverly capturing the awed mystery behind the spy agency in all its glory. With the Agent community growing everyday, there is always a big demand for good quality retro video games to play and enjoy – and now it’s more than just a trend. The Agent slot machine is here to stay, and if you’re looking for an interesting, challenging new video slot game to play then you’ve got it.

The base game for Agent Destiny is the base game – a simple one-credit game with no add-on packs or registration fees. You start with a blank playing card and a mission from Agent Destiny, an ex-cop who stumbles upon a secret international spy base where he uncovers the identity of the evil Doctor Alchemy and learns that the organisation is trying to make weapons which will kill off the human population. You must travel through a series of missions and rescue civilians while doing all you can to prevent the base from being attacked. Each mission is themed after a comic book event and features many famous movie/televised characters as well as some well known actors. The graphics are cartoon-style with a light background and bright colours, while the base game has a nice sci-fi theme with lots of flashing lights and equipment – a nice touch for the nostalgic fans. The actual slots feature a unique randomised base game format which means you never know what cards you’ll draw, although I suppose it’s better not to rely too much on luck!

There are a few nice bonus features included in the game as well. The first of these is the loyalty rewards, which are based on your performance as an agent. You get three reward reels for every 100 credits you use (I think this can be lowered to just using a third of a credit in future updates), plus two free reels depending on which rank you land on. These reels are used in order to pick up items that are required to complete various tasks in the game, and if you use all three reels on a certain rank, for example at level ten you’ll get a nice little space ship. Overall, this is a nice little game that features a nice base game and several nice bonus features.